Pushing Through the Pain

It’s been a minute since I’ve set at my computer to write a blog. I’ve been busy writing courses for my coaching business and books, that I haven’t had the time to write a blog. So today, I decided to write on pushing through the pain. We all have encountered pain in some form or another. Often times, pain will come in our lives and cause us to become paralyze to life. We get so focused on our pain that we no longer live life like we should. Pain has a way of knocking us off of our feet, but we don’t have to remain in that position; it’s up to us to get back up and LIVE!

The last few years of my life has been full of pain. I was in an unhealthy marriage that caused us all pain. In my pain, I choose to get the necessary help and to turn my pain into my purpose. I began blogging, trying to help others who may have been going through what I had dealt with. I wrote a book based on the principles God gave me while I was standing for my marriage. When God released me to leave my marriage, I began my journey to become a Life Coach.  I made the decision to heal from the pain and disappointment of my marriage ending and turned my experience into my purpose. You can do the same.

There’s always a lesson in the pain. I know no one likes to hear/read about a lesson when you are dealing with a painful situation but I truly believe God allows us to go through so we can learn and help others. I learned a while ago, the things you go through are not just for you but for others you will meet in life’s journey. During my marriage, there were many lessons I learned and blogged about them here to help others. From my divorces, I became an expert on forgiveness and healing (mainly because I’ve had to do a lot of forgiving). Now, I’m helping others who have divorced or currently divorcing through their journey of forgiveness, healing and living a life beyond the pain of divorce. Had I focused on my pain and not looked to God for His purpose through this, I would not be here today writing to you. I would probably be somewhere still questioning God wondering why me. But instead, I chose to find the lesson and my purpose through all of the pain and pushed through. Your pain is your blessing; your pain can shift your perspective and your entire life in a positive way only if you allow it. 

Today is your day to push through the pain into your purpose! I’m not saying it will be easy but it will definitely be worth it! So, join me today in making the decision to push through the pain and LIVE your life to the full! You know I’m always here to help, just reach out!

Be blessed…love y’all for real!