Prayer Works!

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and heal their land” 2 Chronicles 7:14. Prayer is a very powerful tool, but how many of us use it effectively? Do you send up a quick prayer right before a meeting or right before a doctor’s appointment? Do you pray when things aren’t going the way you would like or when you are in trouble? The thing about prayer is that it is life changing. When we spend time in prayer, it allows God to talk to us and through us. Prayer allows God to change things in us and in our situations. The Bible tells us to pray without ceasing. That means all day every day we should be in constant prayer/fellowship with God.

There are ways to abuse prayer. Only going to God when you need something from Him or you want Him to change another person. These would be selfish/self-centered prayers. When we go to God with a pure heart, truly seeking Him concerning our lives, He will change things in us.  When we pray according to God’s will concerning any issue, we have to be prepared to listen to His response. He may be trying to get you to change the way you view things or the things you do that may be contributing to the issues you are having. Or maybe He just want you to stand for your marriage and believe Him for the impossible in your marriage. If you are going to Him with your hand out, you are missing that pure connection with Him. Prayer draws us closer to God. It shows us another side of Him. He wants that time with us, yet many of us are too busy to give it to Him. Many times we are so busy looking at our situation or other people that we can’t see the change that needs to be done in us. When you spend time in prayer with Him, He will show you areas in your life that needs changing.

When you go to God in prayer, you need to have faith in God to do what you have asked of Him. It may not happen right away or overnight, but you have to trust His timing and know He has your best interest in mind. Sometimes God doesn’t answer right away because He is trying to develop something in you. It could be a stronger prayer life, stronger faith or a stronger relationship with Him. We just have to know that when we pray, God always answers even if it is not the way we thought or would life for Him to. We just have to have faith and know He knows what’s best for us.

There are many that have been praying for God to do a powerful work in their marriage. Some are praying for God to restore or heal their marriage; some are praying to God for a financial miracle; some are praying for physical healing. Whatever your prayer is concerning your marriage (and other areas in your life), remember to go to God with an expectant heart believing God to do what only He can and to listen to what He tells you next. Always cover your marriage, spouse and children daily in prayer. Even if it looks as if God isn’t listening to your prayers or that it doesn’t seem as if He’s going to answer; don’t give up. God always comes through. We have to remember our timing is not God’s timing but His timing is always on time!

Be y'all for real!


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