Quality Time

Quality time is defined as, “time spent in giving another person one’s undivided attention in order to strengthen a relationship”. In order for any relationship to develop and grow, time must be invested by all parties. When you invest your time in your relationship, you are letting the other person know you are interested in what is going on with them, which then strengthens your relationship with them. Quality time is very important in a marriage because people are always growing and changing in their relationship (hopefully for the better) and when you spend time with your spouse you are continuing to learn about them. When a husband and wife spend time with each other, they are deepening their bond; showing their spouse how much they mean to them. There are so many things (kids, work, parents, hobbies, ministry, friends, etc.) in life that can cause distractions in our lives and prevent us from giving our spouse the best of our time; which is why we have to be intentional in making sure we give our spouse time. Lack of quality time with your spouse leads to a lack of communication which then leads to needs being unmet and then eventually you will drift a part. Once this happens, you begin to view your spouse and your marriage in a negative light; which could lead to separation or divorce. Coming home and asking your spouse how their day was and actually listen to their response, shows your spouse that you care about them, their day and what’s going on in their life (outside of your marriage). This allows your spouse to open up to you and allow you to gain more insight about what they may be dealing with and if there is a need that you may need to meet for them. Some times that need may just be prayer, advice or just a listening ear; because you took time to give them your undivided attention, you have shown them how much they mean to you. As the days, weeks, months, years go by, people and things change; which is why it is important to spend time with your spouse. We cannot allow other things/people to become more important than our relationship with our spouse. After your relationship with God comes your relationship with your spouse. You have to invest your time in your relationship with God as well as your spouse. You cannot give your job/hobbies/friends/etc. the best of you and your spouse (and children) receive what’s left or nothing at all. You give 100% to your spouse and your marriage and watch how things begin to change. You will discover a new, fresher love for your spouse. So, have you been giving your spouse your best? Has quality time with your spouse been important to you? If you can’t answer yes to at least one of these, ask your spouse to forgive you and start making the change today, it’s never too late!

Be blessed...love y'all for real!


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